You might need to be an Einstein to figure out how to get to town if you can't drive and have to take the bus. Even if you figure out how and when to take the bus, you might not live long enough to get where you’re going?

  Well it sometimes seems that way?

  Worse, it may be that it does not quite go near enough to where you have to go, or at the right time? Yes it is better then nothing, but maybe we together can figure out a better way?   Oh, and add, maybe even, free! Free?

  Well yes, if someone was going anyway...

  We all have to go somewhere at some times and wouldn’t be nice if that person knew you also had to go to the same place and offered to take you?

  It would be more then nice, it would be great...


  Well if we had a place to tell people in our area where we go, and when, and if we could take someone after talking to them to make sure it is a good idea...If we had such a service, and more local folks who cannot drive could list where they need to go, and if would go when you had to go...

  Most said it would never work. People here are too reserved, well not some of the nice folks I met who are happy to help somebody. Even if you would not be overjoyed to do it, after you put your name on the list you will be very happy when you see the smile on the face of a shut-in, or a person who can't drive, that you dropped off in Duncan, or Mill Bay, or where ever? (Even Victoria, and during the day.)

  Some of the best things in Life Are Free, doing a favour for a neighbour, could be one of them?

  Read the story; maybe even push the button for the guest book, to see some folks who entered in it.

  Maybe even list your name yourself, and just what information you want, not any more then that for now?

  Later as it gets full we will also use a calendar, so folks can put in dates and times for needs, or offer of rides? But for now once can just contact each other by phone and arrange it all.

If one wants, they can call me, Martin at 250-743-4541,or e-mail martineskenasy@yahoo.comand I will list in the guest book and one does not even have to go to the web page.



 Our goal is to help people in our
 neighbourhood connect to each other and help
 one another. Too often one of us needs
 assistance or a ride to an appointment, or
 shopping. Most of us are always going
 somewhere. Wouldn't it be nice to help
 someone who can't get out on their own?
 Someone, maybe even someone you know
 or even you! May need a small favour, or may
 be willing to offer a helping hand. Please
 consider helping your neighbours.


Hilda Venables was the main driver for this organization.
She won  the volunteer award in the 2009 Black Tie Excellence Award.  She was still driving at age 90 and helping people!

She now no longer drives and had to be convinced to leave her home, and lives in a retirement home.

But you can help someone stay in their home when they can't drive and need a ride.
Martin 250-743-4541


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