I remember Mrs Pickering, she lived by the water in Mill bay, alone. A proud women, who settled here on a farm many years before Mill Bay was very big.

Now coming from England was a bit reserved, and I don’t know if she never liked asking anyone for help?

Independent to the tee.

My next door neighbour, a Mrs Matthews, a fine family, once asked me if I would mind driving Mrs Pickering to the Dr., in Mill Bay. It was only a mile or so, down the road, and I Was going anyway, I told that to Mrs Pickering. (Even when I was not going anyway.)

It came to me, why did she not ask? Why only two doors down, did I not know?

I can’t begin to tell you the great experience in knowing Mrs Pickering, her story, how it was to grow up by coming to Canada and homesteading in the Peace River area, with just a sweater, in august, in a tent, and not knowing in couple of months....

Well it might surprise some that is was raining in beautiful BC, but it was.

 It was pouring enough to not to risk taking my 3 wheel scooter to Duncan, so I am standing out in the rain.

Looking thru my mail, l as I was waiting for the bus and a car stopped.

I thought it's a bit early for someone to be getting mail from the box, as she got out of the car and we sort of both stood there in silence. She was the first one to speak, asking me if she could help me, as she bent down to pick up for me a piece of mail that I dropped in the puddle.

She said "could I help You?" Well it was raining, I had to go to Duncan, and then she added, I have not seen you lately? Added she worked at the Dollar Store, which is a nice place to visit. Well hearing that, I did say I have to go to Duncan, yes you guessed it, I am in the car, and said, just drop me off where you work, when I said I had a dentist appointment....

            She wanted to know just where, and happily for me, took me right to the door.

            She lived just a couple houses down from me, and she goes every day to Duncan, except Thursday, which she then offered to drive me to the Dr., on her day off, in Mill Bay.

 Wait, I live in Mill Bay! The Dr is at Thrifty's, so why do I need a ride?

                                  BECAUSE you can't get there, from here.

 I live at the end of the bus run, on Noowick Rd, bit too far in my health to walk, and the bus, the bus, goes to Duncan FIRST, So I leave 7:50 a.m., to go first to Duncan, so I can take the bus from Duncan, back to Thrift's, for my 11 a.m Dr appointment that I have had to cancel twice, because could not get there, from here.

So I am not complaining, spending over hour and a half on a bus, to go a few miles that should take 4 min. is OK> The bus folks are nice, so what if I spend enough time on the bus, that when the Dr checks my blood pressure, it is 15 points higher by the time I get to him.

BUT really, a car does beat the bus! It is so nice, in a WARM, DRY, CAR. And add to this ride that nice women, offered to drive me to on Thursday, her day off, my next Dr. appointment, and I accepted.

 Can you imagine if you gave a neighbour a lift, how much it might mean to them?

 It really meant a lot to me, for you see, no money can buy 1to1 HELP, people helping people directly, it was once always that way.

 Let’s hope some will make it that way again for some other people.


 Martin Eskenasy,  Re-tired

Ph: 743-4541 to list name in our guest book.


Please now go to:, web site,  to list your name in the guest book to help someone with a ride; or if you need a ride, or know someone who does, and would not ask?


Well her Mom sent a Telegram, no address, just Peace River, Pickerings, in a tent..

She was in the a tent with her husband, getting ready to clear the land, to own it..

Well it was a short message, GO SOUTH!

And the Postman found her tent...

Things where better also, when I went to Simon Fraser University, and if you stood at the bottom of the hill, why you did not have to wait even a min. to have a lift to school.

Now things are different. I, when driving, admit of not wanting to give a ride, although I looked sheepishly to see what they looked like, then felt guilty, for not stopping.

Oh you say, neither would I most of the time, might be looking for trouble, eh?

Well Mrs Pickering could not drive, her many, and I mean many, I think over 20 grandchildren...I know, today not many get family visits anymore, and they did live a bit away.

Anyway, we need to make it easy for such fine people who gave so much when they could, to have help they need now, without even having to ask?


Well no one would have had to ask me for the ride, if I only knew, and so I want to make our communities do what they do best, one to one favours.

If we only had a list of folks, and a way to contact them, ones who even with the slightest hint, would be happy, to once in a while, give a ride at their convenience, if going to town.

Me too, I’m getting older, live alone, can’t drive, and getting to the Dr. in Mill Bay, I have to leave at 8:50 a.m. and take a bus to Duncan first, to then catch a Bus from Duncan to get to Mill Bay Cnt.; and still I am 5 min. late for the 11. a.m. Dr. appointment, that is only a few miles away.

No I am not asking for a ride, but would it be nice, if someone was heading to town, even Duncan, and one knew ahead of time, and there house was right on the Way, They might have the courage to ask?

So everyone is going somewhere, at sometime, anyway. No risk if you knew the person ahead of time, and lived in your area,...

If there was only a list, if we could only make a list, even if we knew only a hour before they left, that one could see, and then phone the person to suggest if they could get a lift, maybe?

Yes, it is no big thing, that is, until you need one, and don’t want to impose.

So if you can have someone help you get on the internet, and go to []

Then I will help you put your name on the calendar, and when you are going, with the from and to, and phone # if you don’t have a e-Mail address.

Even if your not on the calendar, if you would just sign the Guestbook with name, phone, city, that information, what a real help you would be.

Then, even maybe myself, and others might look and say, been 1 year since I was able to go to Victoria, and they are going anyway..

le to give tax receipts for the gas you use to help, for income tax deductions.

So lets get on the wagon, Call me 743-4541 or?...

Or Write me, Martin Eskenasy, at 618 Noowick Road, Mill bay V0R 2P4, If you can answer a telephone to set up rides..

Now if you can Go to the web page, "" get your friends, all of them, to fill it in!

Lets this be the start of a real community, for the South Cowichan Valley!

Thank you,